How Much Does Disc Repair Cost?

Get your discs to play like new again!

Repair costs and Shipping and Handling fees are based on on orders of less than 200 discs. If you require more than 200 discs repaired take a look at our Business Services.

Repair orders of 50 discs or less are typically repaired and shipped within 48 hours of receipt. Add 24 hours for every increment of 50 discs per order. EXAMPLE: If you send us 162 discs, you can expect to have your order repaired and shipped within 72 hours of receipt. Single orders that exceed 200 discs can typically be repaired and shipped between 3 to 5 days of receipt.

Prices as follows

All Single Sided Discs (CDs, DVDs, etc.)$4.95 per disc
All Double Sided Discs (DVDs)$9.90 per disc

Two Ways to get your discs to us

1Order Pre-Printed Disc Mailer(s)
We will send you a Skippy Disc pre-printed disc mailer. When your mailer arrives, use it to send your discs to us for repair.

2Use Your Own Packaging
For even faster service, you can send your discs in your own packaging. No need to wait for a pre-printed mailer.

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