About Disc Play Side Damage

Play Side (bottom) damage is identified by scratches that show a reflection or double image when examining the bottom or play side of your disc closely.

A scratch that occurs on the bottom side of a disc may be resurfaced and polished out. The depth of the scratch will determine the success of the repair.

Keep an eye on these scratches during normal use. If they get too bad request a "No Obligation" Skippy Disc Repair Mailer. For just a few dollars, you can have your discs restored to like-new condition. Keep your disc in play!

What about deep gouges, chips, or cracks?

Occasionally scratches are so deep we consider them a gouge. Some gouges may be so deep that they actually reach the data foil. Although most gouges can be removed, we will not risk ruining the data foil. When this occurs the resurfacing process is stopped and a light scratch will remain. This light scratch may or may not affect the play of the disc.

When chips are present they are most likely on the edge of the disc and cannot be repaired. Cracks cannot be repaired.
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